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St. Paul City Council Singles Out Students and Limits Future Off-Campus Housing Around St. Thomas

posted Jun 28, 2012, 9:40 AM by Alex Wainberg
As reported here (, the St. Paul City Council has created a "buffer" zone around the University of St. Thomas where property cannot be converted into "student rental housing" unless there is no other "student rental housing" within 150 feet (approximately 3 houses).  

My main problems with this: (1) It singles out students over any other renters for this restriction based on anecdotal evidence that students are too loud; (2) It singles out University of St. Thomas students specifically over all other students living in St. Paul due to the location right near the UST campus; (3) It limits the property rights of owners to do with their property what they what; (4) It makes it harder for students to find housing, and will force many students to live farther away from campus, creating greater need for cars rather than bikes and walking; (5) It is a ridiculous law to enforce as housing can still be converted to rental property, but just not for students; (6) If people do not want to live near college students, then DON'T LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO A CAMPUS! (for peace and quiet and never having to hear your neighbors, move out to the suburbs).

At least it grandfathers in already converted property; and guess what, that means the Mr. Wilson-ish people complaining near campus who live next to students, still will after this is over.  In the end I hope that this will lapse into non-enforcement and obscurity.