Legal help for undergraduate and graduate students at prices students can afford.

What is Student Advocacy?

College is a time for personal growth and discovery. This can mean finding a political/social cause or learning to live on your own. For almost all students, this occurs through a process of trial and error; a process which can lead to youthful indiscretions.

Whether protesting for the first time or attempting to scrape by on ramen noodles until the end of the semester, many problems and challenges of college life seem pretty innocuous. However, when faced with legal matters - dealing with the police or duplicitous landlords - college life can seem overwhelming.  When you are paying thousands of dollars a semester for an education, having a bad living situation and an uncooperative landlord is not just a nuisance, it can affect your academic performance. Similarly, getting convicted of a criminal charge is not just a nuisance, it goes on your record and follows you around for years potentially affecting job prospects, voting rights, hunting rights, foreign travel, immigration/emigration or your driving privileges.

When college students face legal problems they need a student advocate. As Student Advocates, the attorneys at Wainberg Morrison work assiduously to help students solve their legal problems and avoid troubling situations. Our approach to Student Advocacy places emphasis on the individual student as a client; we seek to creatively and efficiently find the answer which meets the student's needs.

Student Advocacy can take many shapes: keeping criminal charges off a student’s record; resolving landlord-tenant disputes; protecting st
udents’ first amendment and other civil rights; etc... Wainberg Morrison provides its unique blend of legal services in order to support the students at Twin Cities’ metro-area colleges and universities.

In addition, Wainberg Morrison provides information on dealing with police and uncooperative landlords on our website, gives presentation sessions with question and answer periods, reviews leases before students need to sign them, and more. We provide free initial consultations and are willing to answer a quick question over the phone.